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For a little while now I've been pestering [livejournal.com profile] fossarian about the idea of adapting When Play Turns Bitter into an actual novel, and thought I'd consult with my lovely flisties about the relative insanity of this latest brainwave.

Ever since WPTB hit the 90 000 word mark - over 300 pages - I've been struggling with some mixed feelings about constricting that much time, love and effort to fandom alone. Don't get me wrong - this is my home and I love, love, love writing fic for you guys, but I also have a degree in Creative Writing that has rather conditioned me to think of the bottom line in terms of how I can build my portfolio. Not being able to include this project, which I've come to feel so passionately about, is kind of a hard pill to swallow, especially considering the support and love I've gotten from the people who have followed it from the beginning, and the encouragement to reach the end (almost there!).

As such, I've been brainstorming a few ideas about how this could, conceivably, work as a "pro" novel, either to be self-published or in conjunction with a distributor such as Deamspinner Press. The only issue has been in translation from the story to a RL-type scenario - what kind of calling or career could conjure up the same conflicts as that of a hunter on SPN? 'Soldier' was the first thing to come in mind, but I'm already writing an original novel about the US Marine Corps, and don't really fancy the idea of stacking that one genre where my own writing is concerned.

I've been soliciting ideas and conversation with various people in fandom and in RL, and my pal
[livejournal.com profile] fossarian [facetiously] suggested that I make the whole book about a vampire coven that "Dean" is trying to escape from by building a new life for himself, only to be tempted back by his ex-lover (ie. Cas). I sort of laughed off the idea because of my strong hatred of Twilight, but I've been thinking about the comment since last night and can't shake it. Wanna know why?


Dean and Sam would be vampires trying to reform their ways, Cas Dean's vampire ex-lover, and Kurt Dean's human love interest who finds himself pulled into some messy shit. Obviously the story would be restructured to distinguish itself from SPN and account for vampire mythology (ie. perhaps Dean would be a bartender instead, as it's a bit more nocturnal), since I don't really want to poach those ideas or characters, but the vampire-triangle idea is the warm little centre of this potential project. It's also worth nothing that I wouldn't attempt to go anywhere with this until WPTB is complete and no one is in the position to be tortured by my increasingly sporadic updates. Fandom comes first!

Anyone who has been following the story might be in the best position to answer this, but... what do you think? Am I alone in thinking that this would translate scary well to the vampire slash genre?

More importantly, is that something you'd want to read in RL?

I'm tempted to do a poll, but really your comments would just be appreciated. (Knowing me I will add a poll in the next 10 minutes, because I'm addicted to them or something.)


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