I felt like doing a music mix tonight, just for fun.

I have no idea how many people on my flist listen to/enjoy ass-shaking music that ranges from dance rock to hip hop to electronica, but I'm uploading it anyway because....

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Following the short series of SPN-related fanmixes I've made so far, I present to you the latest - Almost Like Being in Love, the first of what I hope will be many more non-thematic Dean/Castiel fanmixes in the future. (Though I do love me a good theme.)

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A couple people have asked about the actual lyrics to the song that inspired my WIP, Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw (When Play Turns Bitter), so I thought I'd include them here and just reference this post in the Author's Notes, since it is actually a beautiful song and one of my favourites. Plus, the lyrics suit Dean's post-apocalypse life kind of perfectly.

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TITLE: “We’re Gonna Groove”
PAIRINGS: Dean/Castiel
RATING: NC-17 for language and graphic descriptions of sex.
WARNINGS: PWP. More music abuse. Exhibitionism. Disrespect to Bobby’s gaff. Pure filth. No apologies.
SUMMARY: It’s no accident that Zeppelin gives Dean ideas. (Sequel to Paradise Circus.)
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Fanmix time! Doing things a bit differently with this one - I give you the "official" unofficial companion mix to We're Gonna Groove, the newest piece of music-filth produced in the mental bowels of yours truly. Now you get to listen while you read... it's a full sensory experience over here at Air Nanoochka!


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Because they said it couldn't be done, I present to you a Dean/Castiel fanmix comprised entirely of songs by the fabulous Britpop group The Divine Comedy.
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TITLE: "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side"
WARNINGS: Original slash, music!kink. And, uh... Britishisms? Excuse the slang, but it's nice to write the way I actually speak once in a while.
Yesterday I found myself rifling through some of my old, original fiction, and I came across this story I wrote/started back in 2005. Yeah, I know. But I actually didn't hate it, which surprised me, and now I'm compelled to finish it. Any feedback would be appreciated; it's nice to get people's thoughts on something not SPN-related. Who knows, maybe I'll grow a pair, finish this, and submit it to a journal or something. Enjoy!

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So, after a couple months of deliberation and aborted attempts, I present - to all 1.5 of my adoring fans - my first fanmix, done in two parts, dedicated to Castiel of 2014 and "The End".

I've called this mix Le Futur, because some things just sound more original in French even when they're not, and if you bear with me after the cut there is artwork (ie. one piece of artwork) and track listings.

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TITLE: “Paradise Circus”
AUTHOR: Nansense
RATING: NC-17 for language and graphic depictions of sex.
PAIRINGS: Dean/Cas, implied Sam/OFC, implied Dean/OFC (kinda)
SPOILERS: General season 5, with reference to bender!Cas in 5x17.
WARNINGS: Slash (you don’t say!), PWP, crack, schmoop, established (sexual) relationship, masturbation, orgasm refusal, other stuff, and... music kink? Does that even warrant a warning? Does it even exist?
WORD COUNT: 8, 317
: "Technology made simple, his ass. Castiel could operate the Antikythera mechanism with more accuracy." Dean tries to help Sam get laid with the help of a pretty unusual prop; he inadvertently turns Cas on to the magic of Massive Attack and Apple products.
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