Tomorrow is [ profile] cautionzombies' birthday and I promised her a picture of Dean (in lieu of yet more fic - how exhausting! XD), but since I'm heading out of town tonight, I thought I'd post this early so as not to miss the big day before I leave. Click the preview image (or the LJ cut) to see the whole thing.

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.... wut?

Jan. 8th, 2011 11:10 am
Anyone who knows me a little will know that few things in life actually reduce me to speechlessness and/or vowel sounds. I'm sure that seeing Jensen and/or Misha without their kit on would be one.

But here's another:

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, there's never any harm in (hopefully) getting a few days off to kick back and relax, be it with friends, family or your favourite Barolo. Be safe, everyone!

The lovely [info]artmetica has (very excitingly!) started artwork for my fic, Hellblazer. While I haven't the foggiest why she would have chosen to honour me with her time and talent, I am very, very happy that she did, because so far the results are amazing. Go and check out the other amazing D/C artwork at her journal immediately, but in the meantime, I present to you the first image from what I hope will be a series. I've also photoshopped together some cover artwork for the fic - hope y'all like it!

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 Hey y'all,

I humbly present part 2 of the gag reel screencaps, ie. Jensen and everyone else. Since Jensen is far too pretty to handle in large doses, I just did the parts I found the cutest/funniest, so as not to send my computer into overload.


Picspam Part 2 after the cut! )

 I managed to get some screencaps from the amazing Season 5 gag reel that floated onto the interwebs yesterday, courtesy of [ profile] tracy_loo_who . It's quite brilliant, so I heartily suggest moseying on over there to check it out.

In the meantime, here is Part One of the gag reel picspam: I got most of Misha's caps, although it was rather difficult owing to the video file. For some reason Quicktime didn't want to let me go frame by frame.

Anyway, enjoy! I'm beginning to form the opinion that the gag reels are going to be much funnier with Misha's participation. This one is by far my favourite... that man is like a one-person comedy troupe! His face is scary expressive.

Picspam after the cut! (Slow internet connections, beware...) )



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