I've gathered all of the Supernatural fic I've written into one handy-dandy place, just for your viewing pleasure. Because I'm awesome like that.

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God damn, [info]daggomus_prime has gone and done it AGAIN. She surprised me this morning with the second piece of artwork for When Play Turns Bitter, and even though I knew what was coming, I didn't know what was coming, yaknowwhatimean? Anyway, nothing I say here will do it or my appreciation justice, so just take a look-see for yerself.

(Link to Dag's journal)
So today [info]fossarian and I signed up for [info]deancasbigbang under our [info]wipper_snappers alias. Anyone care to place bets on how long it'll be before we start to lose our shit? Me neither.

Anyway, this promises to be a fun challenge this year, with boatloads of super talented artists and writers on board. You should sign up, too! This is a great opportunity to get that long fic you've been thinking about done.

Click the banner to sign up

See you on the other side, peeps!
Hey y'all,

Just a quick note to confirm that I am indeed still working on When Play Turns Bitter. No real excuse for the hiatus this time except that I've been trying to concentrate on
[info]spn_j2_bigbang on account of the looming draft deadline, as well as the side projects I've been doing with [info]fossarian, but I've got ~3000 words of the new chapter hammered out so far. With any luck it'll get posted soon, so - worry not!

I said I wouldn't leave you hanging, and a promise is a promise. So... promise. /o\
Haven't done one of these in a while, partly due to being busy, but also because I haven't done much work on this. *cowers* I just finished a new chapter, however, and have finally adjusted my draft mindset from "make it perfect" to "get it done". Fingers crossed!

36600 / 20000 (183.00%)
I felt like doing a music mix tonight, just for fun.

I have no idea how many people on my flist listen to/enjoy ass-shaking music that ranges from dance rock to hip hop to electronica, but I'm uploading it anyway because....

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Felt like sharing my new ink... Sorry the picture quality isn't the greatest!

First - my Baskerville ampersand, an homage to my graphic design days and my obsessive love of fonts. Very happy with how the shading turned out, even if the picture is horrible and my wrist is all bloody and caked with ink. I'll update a prettier one later. :P

Second - does this really need explaining?

TITLE: “Plainclothes Men”
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] fossarian and [livejournal.com profile] nanoochka
PAIRING: Dean/Castiel, Bobby
SPOILERS: Up to 6.16, mention of 6.06
SUMMARY: Those in the background have their secrets, too.

Read the rest at our journal!
Howdy y'all,

To celebrate our inaugural collaboration, the missus
[info]fossarian and I have created a sparkly new comm to host all of our current and future teamwork.

Do check us out at
[info]wipper_snappers and feel free to add, and pass on the word!
This made me weep, but everyone needs to watch this video. Promise you won't regret it.

TITLE: “Between Two Lungs”
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] nanoochka
RATING: PG-15 for language and drug use
PAIRING: Dean/Castiel, mentions of Sam/Jess
WARNINGS: AU, Mild drug use, shotgunning
SUMMARY: A wedding and a funeral together in the same place; two strangers meet.
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Stolen from everyone and their mum:

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my workplace, my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them.
You guyssss,

I hit 30 000 words last night on
[info]spn_j2_bigbang thanks in no small part to [info]plentyofowls, who was churning out massive amounts of Dean/Cas porn for the sake of inspiration. Hey, that shit works.

30000 / 20000 (150.00%)

I still have no idea how long it will be, or if I'll even finish, but at least it's going? I probably would have accomplished more last week had I not been confined to my bed, sick. But them's the breaks.
Hint: It sounds like boredom.

I'm doing the WIP meme stolen from
[info]mclachlan and a bunch of other people because I'm bored, bored, bored. All of them are SPN, but feel free to ask for snippets as you fancy.

WIPs beneath the cut )
Hello lovelies,

Just a reminder that the auction for
[livejournal.com profile] help_nz will be ending on Tuesday, March 8 at midnight (technically 11:59:59 pm), while fic offers are still being accepted until March 7. If you haven't placed your bids or agreed to whore your keyboard out for money, but still intend to do so, now's the time! My thread can be found here, and there are many other talented writers who also have offers on the table.

Remember, I will be matching the winning bid on my story, so please think about making an offer. In this case the more money I can be made to spend, the better off Christchurch will be. I'm sure that's something even my AMEX statement can get behind.
I've decided that [livejournal.com profile] obstinatrix has got it right - I couldn't possibly begin to guess the total length of my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang project, but I can provide updates on how far I've blown the minimum wordcount so far.

25000 / 20000 (125.00%)

So that's a rather nice feeling right there. What's not so nice is that I still worry I won't be able to wrap up the first draft in time. o.O
Did Dean just learn how to tie Windsor knots recently or sommat? He looks like Dean Smith every week and it is KILLING ME. Hnnng.
I wanna write a SPN/Adjustment Bureau AU so bad. Dean and Cas would make the cutest lil' David/Elise, and it'd be a great excuse to slash Silver Fox with anyone. Namely Anthony Mackie, because... hot damn. I'm pretty sure he made Matt Damon's character question his sexuality.

The whole time I kept thinking how much like SPN it was, though. Great movie!


Mar. 3rd, 2011 05:35 pm
Just finished Chapter 3 of [info]spn_j2_bigbang - as good a landmark as any to provide a quick update. Definitely getting there!

18334 / 40000 (45.84%)
For a little while now I've been pestering [livejournal.com profile] fossarian about the idea of adapting When Play Turns Bitter into an actual novel, and thought I'd consult with my lovely flisties about the relative insanity of this latest brainwave.

Those interested in my idea, carry on. )



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